Welcome to the MAyan World

Welcome to our beautiful Guatemala and Welcome to the Tikal Triathlon Series

We are Guatemalans that love our country and love the triathlon lifestyle. Not exactly the best triathletes yet, but certainly the most enthusiast participants both locally as well as internationally.

For many years, we have enjoyed the some of the best overall triathlon race courses right here within our legendary Tikal National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Every time we show photos of the race finish line with a mystic Mayan Temple as part of the background we get our international tri-brothers impressed…

As our 30th edition of the Hombre Maya Triathlon approaches, we have organized a task force comprised of key members within our Ministry of Sports & Culture, our Bureau of Tourism, Guatemala’s Triathlon Federation, State & Local Authorities and a group of us triathletes and businessmen to launch Tikal Triathlon Series to all athletes worldwide.

With a pristine sporting destination suited for triathlon training and racing, we are organizing the following events:

Hombre Maya Triathlon
Saturday, July 03 2021
Short Course Distance
1km Swim, 34km Bike, 7km Trail Run

Gran Jaguar Triathlon
Saturday, February 06 2021
Mid Course Distance
1.9km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run
1.2mi Swim, 56mi Bike, 13.1mi Run

Tikal Tri Series Training Camps
Programs and Coaching Staff to be defined

Come join us with your teammates and your families. Tikal National Park offers a mystical experience to all visitors, a must for adventurers and thrill seekers alike. If an extended vacation is what you want, Guatemala has plenty more to show…from nature at its best to the top-rated Sportfishing for sailfish destination in the world.

Our team has coordinated with the local Tour Operators, Hoteliers and Guides to guarantee a flawless trip suited for the most demanding triathlete. We know exactly how to simplify a triathlon vacation so you can concentrate on what should matter most…the race!

We highly recommend you let us coordinate the trip for you. We have obtained the best possible deals locally and will take advantage of our expertise as Guatemalans to guarantee all goes as planned.

See you soon!